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Teaching and Ressources

By enrolling in Labvet Europes’ online programme you gain access to relevant resources and teaching materials for Designated Veterinarians. The programme is based on online learning which makes it possible for you to have access to our knowledge and teaching wherever you are in the world and whenever it is convenient for you.

Our online platform and material is built on our long experience in developing online learning and uses the latest e-learning and interactive technology. During a module you will find relevant texts, videos and audio files on the LabVet Europe e-learning platform. Additionally, you will be asked to take part in a number of online activities such as discussions and online self-testing. The programme is ended by a final written and oral test. 


The Labvet Europe programme consists of 6 modules and each of them is giving a unique perspective on laboratory animal science. Combined they educate the participant to become a skilled designated veterinarian. The 5 modules are:

  1. Module 1 - Legislation and Veterinary Communication
  2. Module 2 - Ethics, animal welfare and the three Rs
  3. Module 3 A - Animal care, management, and veterinary communications
  4. Module 3 B - Health
  5. Module 3 C - Genetics and breeding
  6. Module 4 - Anaesthesia, analgesia, surgery
  7. Module 5 - The role of the DV in modelling human diseases in animals
  8. Module 6 - Introduction to the local environment

Below is a preview of a video session at Labvet Europe.