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Become a FELASA accredited Designated Veterinarian through Labvet Europe

The LabVet Europe programme is certified by FELASA to train Designated Veterinarians (FELASA Category D). FELASA is a European acknowledged non-governmental organization that among a range of different tasks certify institutions who wish to train animal experimentation staff. The FELASA accreditation is highly acknowledged in all EU member states and beyond.

For laboratory animal veterinarians working in non-European laboratory animal facilities certification on a European level will be a substantial part of fulfilling the demands from European companies, when working with these facilities and from European journals, when publishing work undertaken in the facilities.

With a certificate from the LabVet Europe programme you have official documentation for your competences and fulfill the European requirements to Designated Veterinarians as stated in the European Union Directive 2010/63/EU, article no. 25:

”Member States shall ensure that each breeder, supplier and user has a designated veterinarian with expertise in laboratory animal medicine, or a suitably qualified expert where more appropriate, charged with advisory duties in relation to the well-being and treatment of the animals”

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